Review Policy

First of all, thank you so much for considering me to review your book!

Currently I am OPEN to review requests. I do ask that you read through all of this so that you can make sure your book is a good fit for me and my reading tastes before asking me to review it.

I accept print ARCS and e-books (I use the kindle app for all arc and review books)
If the book you are requesting me to read is part of a series, I may require the previous books(should there be any) to be able to review the one you are requesting.

I DO NOT accept audiobooks.

Please respect the fact that I might decline to review your book if it does not interest me. Along with this, if I do choose to accept and review your book, know that my review will be 100% honest. If I didn’t enjoy your book I have the right to say so in my review. If I make the decision to not finish reading your book, I reserve the right to say so and I will explain why as well as what page/percentage of the book I got to before stopping.



The main thing I read is young adult fiction, but I am open to middle grade as well.

-ya dystopian
-ya contemporary/realistic ya
-ya sci-fi
-ya paranormal
-ya historical fiction
-ya fantasy

-middle grade(I am very selective with this genre)



There are some things that will help me determine whether or not I wish to review your book, those are:

-the book summary
-the books release date
-the time frame, should there be one, that you would like me to have my review up by. (this is a huge factor in my decision)



You can send your review requests to me at booknerdkels(at)gmail(dot)com

I will get back to you within three days of receiving the request letting you know if I wish to review the book or not.

Please note that just because I accept and receive a book to review that doesn’t mean I will get a chance to read that book right away. I will also do my best to have the review go live here on my blog around the time of it’s release date so that it is relevant to my readers and they will be able to get their hands on it without having to wait a terribly long time. I will also post reviews on Goodreads and Amazon.

If you feel like your book meets my reading and request guidelines then please feel free to email me and we can talk!