Story Spotlight #1

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For my very first Story Spotlight I wanted to feature my friend and her husbands story that they have put up on Wattpad! They have been working on this story for a while now and made the decision to share it on Wattpad so that people could read it. I have already read the parts that they have up and really enjoyed it!


Mundane to Magic


Synopsis: A Kingdom suffers greatly at the hands of King Edric. It has been easy to keep them in line with the terrors past the Kingdom walls, and the magic that only he and his minions can use. Luka, his brother Grant and Val start their adventure to stop King Edric because enough is enough. Their journey will take them to new places, and they will uncover the truth and the true evil of King Edric.


They are planning for the story to be a trilogy which is pretty exciting if you ask me! I love trilogies! If you are interested in the story and want to give the first chapter a read click this link and it will take you straight to the Wattpad page where you can read all of the parts that have been posted so far! If you like what you read make sure you give the page a follow so that you will know when new parts have been added to the story! Let me know what you think of the story if you decide to give it a read. I would love to know your thoughts!


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