Under Rose-Tainted Skies by Louise Gornall


Under Rose-Tainted SkiesDate Published: July 7, 2016

Published By: Clarion Books

Pages: 330

Edition Read: ebook

Dates Read: 7/8/17-7/12/17

Rating: 5-star-rating





Goodreads SynopsisAt seventeen, Norah has accepted that the four walls of her house delineate her life. She knows that fearing everything from inland tsunamis to odd numbers is irrational, but her mind insists the world outside is too big, too dangerous. So she stays safe inside, watching others’ lives through her windows and social media feed.

But when Luke arrives on her doorstep, he doesn’t see a girl defined by medical terms and mental health. Instead, he sees a girl who is funny, smart, and brave. And Norah likes what he sees.

Their friendship turns deeper, but Norah knows Luke deserves a normal girl. One who can walk beneath the open sky. One who is unafraid of kissing. One who isn’t so screwed up. Can she let him go for his own good—or can Norah learn to see herself through Luke’s eyes?



I was a little nervous to read this because a lot of people have been raving about this and just praising it lately. My hopes and expectations were high! Luckily, I was not let down. This book was phenomenal. The writing was amazing and you really felt like you were going through what Norah was experiencing. I was a little nervous knowing that a boy was entering the picture. I was thrilled when he showed up and her mental illness and anxiety didn’t just vanish into thin air. She still suffered, in fact I think she suffered a little more once he came into the picture and it was such a accurate portrayal of what it would be like in real life. Just because a cute boy comes along doesn’t mean that she should be able to magically leave her house with out any issues and thankfully that didn’t happen. The relationship between Norah and Luke was adorable. I loved it so much. I also loved how the mental illness and how Norah dealed with it was so realistic and her OCD and other issues weren’t glorified. It was just something she had and something she dealt with the best she could. I can’t say from a personal point of view how accurate OCD or Agoraphobia were done throughout the novel because I don’t have either of those things myself, but as someone who doesn’t go through that on a daily basis I did feel like it was done well. I felt like I was going through it right along side of Norah and I feel like it would be a helpful story to anyone going through those things to realize they aren’t alone and other people deal with it as well. I really loved this book and the story and it totally lived up to all the hype surrounding it and I can’t recommend this enough now. This will most definitely be making my favorite books of the year list.


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