June 2017 Wrap Up!!

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In June my reading picked up a bit. While I didn’t read a huge number of books I was reading almost every single day and that makes me insanely happy because I was losing my love for reading for a while there. I am happy to say my reading love is back and full force! With that being said, I read three books this month and I purchased one. I completed three of the challenges for my 2017 challenge. I don’t have a book of the month this month because I didn’t have one that really stuck out more than the others. With that being said let’s jump into all the info!


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House of Furies (House of Furies, #1) Dreamfall (Dreamfall #1) The Gilded Cage


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Royal Bastards


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5. A historical fiction
17. A book with illustrations
40. A book published in 2017


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May 2017 Wrap Up
House of Furies Review
Dreamfall Review
The Gilded Cage Review



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