Things I Want More of in Books


Top 10 Tuesday is a weekly “event” hosted by the lovely people over on The Broke and the Bookish. This weeks topic is the 10 things that we want more of in books, so our book content wish list if you will. My answers came pretty easy on this one so let’s jump in!


Female friendships– Sure there’s ton of female friendships in books but I want to see more books where that is one of the main focuses in the book. Not the romance. We get enough romance in books already, give us some good friendship rep!!

Good Mental Health Rep– I tend to read a good number of books that have the topic of mental health in it. Whether that be depression, eating disorders, mental disorders, you name it. I have only come across a few that have had good rep for the disorder it was focusing on. Where it felt like the author did proper research and learned everything they could, or were even writing from their own history with the issue, before they started writing. We need these topics to stop being written and seen in such a negative light.

Better Plot Twists– Don’t get me wrong I love a good plot twist. Most of the time however, I can see it coming 100 pages away. I want to read more books where I am actually shocked by the plot twist and there was no way that I could have seen it coming.

Healthier Relationships– I actually enjoy when fantasy, dystopian, and books of that nature have a romance or two in them. I just wish that we had healthier relationships portrayed more often. No abuse, equal partnership, healthy relationship. I don’t think that’s too much to ask for.

More Multiple POV’s– I used to dislike multiple pov books. Now I love them! I enjoy getting to see the story from more than one person. Each of the characters will be seeing or reacting to the same event totally different and it’s nice to get all sides of the story.

More Details/Information– For me this is just in fantasy. I feel like some of the fantasy books I’ve read lately just haven’t been giving me enough description. I want to know all about the different races and lands and everything in between. Give me more!!

Magical Competitions– I LOVE these kinds of books and I honestly just want more of them!

No Romance– While I love a good romance in books, I think I want to see more books where there isn’t a single romance, at least not with our main character. Let the main character do things without a girl/guy falling in love with them or vice versa. Not every book needs to have a romantic interest.

Retellings– I ADORE retellings. They are some of my favorite things to read. I am getting a little tired of seeing the same stories being told over and over again though. So let’s get some retellings of things that aren’t so popular!

Family Focused Stories– I haven’t read a lot of books where family was a huge focus for the main character. I would love to see a book where family is the number one priority for our main character and everything else comes second.


What are some things that you want to see more of in books? I’m sure I have other things that I could added, but these are the ones that are on the top of my list!


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