Top 10 Tuesday: Bookworm Delights

top 10 tuesday post title

Top 10 Tuesday is hosted over on The Broke and the Bookish and I participate when I find a topic interesting or have 10 books that fit the topic for the week. 

This weeks topic is Bookworm Delights. Basically these are the top 10 book related things that I absolutely love!


  1. Deckled Edges – This has got to be my top favorite thing about books. I get so happy when I see that a book I want to buy/read has deckled edges. There have even been a few times where I have bought a book simply because it had deckled edges.
  2. Bookstores/Libraries – There is something about being completely surrounded by books that makes me so happy. If there is ever an apocalypse, you’ll find me at my local Barnes and Noble hiding out!
  3. When the book title is mentioned somewhere in the book – I love when I am reading and then all of a sudden a sentence has the title in it, or a reference to the title in it. It just brings the whole reading experience full circle.
  4. Reading on a rainy day – One of my favorite times to read is when it is pouring down rain outside and I can just curl up under the biggest blanket I can find with a hot drink (normally tea) and spend my day reading.
  5. The smell of books – That’s right, I am one of those people. I sniff my books! I can’t help it. I just love the way books smell, old ones and new ones alike.
  6. Bookmarks – I have an ever growing collection of bookmarks. I tend to buy one every time I go to the book store and purchase a book. I have even made my own fabric bookmarks before. I just love them.
  7. Quote worthy books – One of my top favorite things about books and reading is when a book has a ton of quotes in it. I keeps notebooks where I will write down the quotes I like from books I read. I also started tabbing my books last and have really been loving just marking where the quote is in my book with a sticky tab
  8. Staying up all night to finish a book – Now I haven’t actually done this in a while. The latest I have stayed up to finish a book so far this year is 2am. However, I used to stay up as late as I could to finish the books I was reading. There have even been times where I’ll start a book at around 11pm and stay up reading until it’s finished.
  9. Indented hardcovers – I love when hardcover books have indented images on the front of them that you don’t know about unless you take off the dust jacket. It just adds something special to the book in my opinion.
  10. Book to movie adaptations – This is something that I love, but only if they are done right. I love it when I find out that the books I have read are being turned into a movie. Example of a job well done, Catching Fire. Example of it going horribly wrong, Vampire Academy.


What are some book related things that make you happy? I would love to know, leave it in a comment and we can talk about all the things that make us happy when it comes to books!


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