Top 5 Wednesday: Tropes I Hate

Top 5 Wednesday was created by Lainey over on gingerreadslainey on Youtube. It is a weekly series where we talk about our top 5 picks for that weeks topic!

This weeks topic is the tropes we hate. Last month we did the tropes we love so now were focusing on the ones we hate!

insta love– I honestly feel like this needs no explanation other than it happens way too much and it usually knocks my ratings of the books down .5 stars simply because it’s usually never done well and not exactly believable either.

main characters separated– By this I mostly mean the main love interests. It usually happens in the second book of the series and the most popular one would be Twilight when Edward straight up leaves in New Moon and it also happens in World After by Susan Ee. I always end up focusing on the fact that they are not together for the majority of the book instead of focusing the majority of my attention on the actual story that’s happening.

love squares– This is when there is more than two love interests for the main character. I don’t think that this should ever happen! I actually like love triangles but if it gets to the point where its more than two love interests I am not usually a fan. The one example coming mind at the moment is An Ember in the Ashes which I actually just finished and really really loved but each main character had two love interests and one of them was each other and it really wasn’t needed!

no use characters– By this I mean the characters that are part of books but don’t really have any real purpose for being in the story. They are just kind of there and the story would be perfectly fine without these characters.

open ended endings– One of the things I hate most in books is when books have open ended endings when there is not going to be another book in the series or if its a stand alone book and the ending is left open. I hate it. It’s so annoying and it usually drops my rating down because I am left wondering what happened or wanting more when I Am not going to e getting any more of the story.

Let me know if any of the tropes I listed are ones you hate too! If you have other tropes you hate let me know in the comments and we can talk about the things we dislike in books!!!


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