Bout of Books 13 Wrap Up!

Well, Bout of Books has come to an end and although I didn’t quite read as much as I wanted to that’s okay I am still happy with my final page count. I was super busy last week getting things prepared for my towns Relay For Life which took place on Saturday. So while I didn’t have too much time to read I still managed to read a lot more than I thought I would. On day one I read 50 pages, day two I read 113 pages, day three I read 39 pages, day four I read 164 pages, day five I read 90 pages, on day six which was my Relay day I read nothing, and on day seven I read 46 pages. I finished one book and that was Four by Veronica Roth. So in total I read 502 pages! I am happy that I was able to read so much during such a busy week. If you participated in the readathon then let me know what you read and what your page count was!


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