Cress by Marissa Meyer

Cress (The Lunar Chronicles, #3)Date Published: February 4, 2014

Dates Read: 2/9/15 to 2/10/15

Rating: 5 stars

Synopsis: This is the third book in the Lunar Chronicles series, and as much as I would love to share the synopsis it just contains a little too many spoilers from Scarlet. If you wanna know why not just read the series! OR you can just look it up on Goodreads, however I wouldn’t advise that because then you will just spoil yourself! 🙂

My Thoughts: Again, this book was incredible. I just can’t with this series. Every book outdoes the one before and your left wanting to know what happens next and how things are going to end.  This book is a retelling of Rapunzel. Just like in Scarlet you get multiple points of view in this book, which again worked out beautifully. I actually think it wouldn’t be as good if you didn’t have the different points of view throughout the book. I loved Cress, the character who get introduced in this book. This book really made me hate Levana and her assistant thing Sybil even more than I did and I honestly didn’t think that was possible. With the way things played out in this book and the way things end I am now not so patiently waiting for Winter to be released this fall. I just can’t wait to see how everything from the first three books gets wrapped up in Winter.

My Thoughts:


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