Bout of Books 12.0 WRAP UP!

Well, the readathon has come to an end and I have to say I am very pleased with how I did! Usually when I participate in readathons I never do that well because there are always specific goals that you have to meet and I always end up feeling the pressure and never really reading anything at all. This time around the goals were taken away and it was literally just read as much as you can within the time frame of the readathon. I did just that. I managed to finish two books that I had started before the readathon began and then during the readathon I completed three books and made it 28% into another book.

Page counts:

Day one I didn’t keep count of my pages cause I didn’t really read much on that day.

On day 2 I read a total of 279 pages.

Day 3 I read a total of 84 pages.

Day 4 I read a total of 395 pages.

Day 5 I read 202 pages.

Day 6 I read 28 pages.

On day 7 I read 292 pages and that brings my total page count for the week to 1280 pages!!

I honestly can’t believe that I read so much this week but I loved every second of it and I plan on keeping the theme of reading so much going for the rest of the month! I read really amazing books this past week and two of them are now two of my favorite books. If any of you participated in this readathon let me know how you did in the comments below and we can discuss how things went! I am going to be participating in several readathons this year and I am so excited about them now!


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