Oh the joys of reading slumps…..

Alright guys. This is reaching a point of ridiculousness. I have lost interest in all of the books I am currently reading and it is killing me! I am thinking I just need to pick up an old favorite and reread it and get myself back into the reading mood. I have just wanted to do nothing but watch YouTube and Netflix. Which is fine and I enjoy doing but I really miss reading and I want that will to read back! I watched the first official Mockingjay trailer today and I am thinking that reading the book again will get me back to where I want to be with wanting to read. I will keep you guys posted as to when this stupid reading slump is finally over!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Oh the joys of reading slumps…..

  1. Kat says:

    We’ve all been there, hang in!
    Sometimes taking a break and going on a Netflix binge can be good for you. Or picking up an old favorite can work. Make it a really good one 🙂


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