Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Obsidian (Lux, #1)Read from: 8/31/13 to 9/1/13

Rating: 5 stars


When Katy and her mom move from Florida to West Virginia, she expects nothing other than accents and being bored all the time. Then she spots her neighbor….her HOT neighbor. She thinks that things are gonna get better until Daemon opens his mouth and she realizes what a jerk he is. They cant stand each other until one night when Katy gets attacked and Daemon just stops time with his hands. Come to find out that him and his sister, Katy’s new best friend, are aliens, thats right, aliens!  Katy is immediately swept into their world and learns all about the people who are constantly watching them. Can she stay around Daemon long enough for her to be safe again without killing him? Only time will tell.


I read this book in just a few hours…. it was so addicting. So addicting in fact that I immediately got the second and third books on my Nook and am currently on the third book now. This series is so good, its so well written and the sense of humor with Daemon is epic.  This is definitely a series that’s worth checking out if you haven’t read it yet.


4 thoughts on “Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout

  1. DrAwkto says:

    Whoa! They’re aliens! It’s been a while since I heard of a good alien book. I think the last romance one involving aliens that I have read was “The Host”. I’m definitely intrigued now! Gotta check it out!

    I hope the main character stays normal. From what you wrote, it sounds like she stays normal. Haha.


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