Tethered Twins by Mike Essex

Tethered TwinsRead from: 5/03/13 to 3/12/13

Rating: 5 stars


In this world everyone is born with a twin, the only catch is if your twin dies, you die to. So when Emmie starts feeling things happening to her twin she knows that they are both going to die. Somehow, though, she manages to survive. Knowing that there aren’t many people she can trust now she calls on her best friend Grace to help her track down the man who killed her brother, Tobias. What she doesn’t realize is that her going to find Tobias is giving him exactly what he wants. Emmie and her friends are in for a big fight and alot of surprises along the way.


I loved this book, there were so many twists in it that I never saw coming. If I was in Emmies position I think I would do the exact same thing she did. Her and her friends are pretty brave to go up against Tobias. I think that it was pretty easy to relate to Emmie and Grace. I wasn’t a fan of Tobias I think he is a psycho, but every good book needs one of those! I like the fact that the book is told in so many different perspectives. However, Im not liking the cliffhanger that the book was left off on!! I will  be reading the next two books in the trilogy, for sure.


2 thoughts on “Tethered Twins by Mike Essex

  1. TinyCubed says:

    ^^ after reading your review. I really wanna read the book now. It sounds so darn interesting! The concept sounds delightful! I’m definitely sticking this to my must read pile C:
    Thank you! If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have found out about this book haha C:


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