Faking 19 by Alyson Noel

Faking 19Read from: 3/27/13 to 3/31/13

Rating: 3 stars


The story follows Alex and her best friend M, two seniors in high school. One night they go out to LA and meet these two guys at a party, they lie and say that they are 19. A lie that comes back to haunt Alex when the guy she told it to finds out the truth he freaks out about it. And to top it all off her father refuses to pay for her to go to college because he is spending all his money on himself and his new girlfriend instead of paying child support and alimony to her and her mom. When Alex and M get into a huge fight Alex decides to refocus on school and get her grades back up so she can actually graduate high school.


This book had its up and down moments for me, overall it was an alright book, but not my favorite.


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