My Bookshelf Tour!!

I decided that since I currently don’t have a youtube channel and cant give you all a video tour of my bookshelf I was like, well why don’t I just take pictures of my bookshelf and show everyone that way? So that’s what I did! The bookcase I have has 5 shelves on it, its black, and I got it at WalMart for around 25 dollars, (just in case you like mine and want to get one yourself! Lol.)

I started off with a main overview which is going to be the first picture you see. The second and third pictures are of my top shelf, the first picture has the front books off of it and the second is of all the books i keep on that shelf; on this shelf i have my Twilght series, the Uglies series, Immortal series, Tryelle trilogy books, Hunger Games books, and the Matched trilogy The fourth picture is of the second shelf and this shelf has my favorite series on it. The fifth picture is of the middle shelf and i just keep library books on half of that shelf and random stuff on the other half with my candles and such in the middle of it. The sixth and seventh pictures is the fourth shelf and i did the same thing to this shelf that i did the the first shelf so this shelf gets two pictures; the only real organization to this shelf is the books on the right side in front are book ihave gotten within the last few months. The eighth and ninth pictures are of the bottom shelf and again i have two pictures for this shelf as well. this shelf holds my giveaway books that i have won, real life fiction books, random books, my Harry Potter books, and the Series of Unfortunate Events books.




IMG_9789                                        IMG_9790

IMG_9786                                        IMG_9791

IMG_9792                                        IMG_9793

IMG_9794                                        IMG_9795





2 thoughts on “My Bookshelf Tour!!

  1. Tasneem says:

    Wow, that looks great! Do you order books online or get them from bookstores or both? Moving a lot makes it impossible to take all my books with me but one day I’m going to have a larrrrggee bookshelf. Yours is really nice..and neat.


    • kelslove says:

      Thanks! I prefer buying my books in the store but i do order them online from time to time if i have a gift card. i just had to move all of my books from NC to OH so that was interesting. It didnt used to to be neat, i actually just reorganized it not to long ago.


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